Welcome to Living Blind: The place to learn and share all things about blindness.

If you're blind or visually impaired, whether you have some useful vision or not; if you are a friend or family member of someone who is; if you're a teacher; or if you're just interested -- if you’re looking for helpful information and energetic discussion about blindness, you've found the place!

Living Blind is an online community of blind and visually impaired people sharing ideas to create a friendly and informative site so that we can learn and grow together! We offer information and helpful how-to tips as well as a place to just relax, soak up some knowledge about Living Blind and gain some moral support and much encouragement.

At Living Blind a blind or visually impaired person is anyone whose vision is limited so that the way in which he or she accomplishes daily tasks -- like cooking, going to the store, using the computer or organizing finances -- is done a little differently than the way sighted people accomplish these tasks. Perhaps you use Braille, large print, cassette tape, a reader, a cane or a guide dog. It doesn’t matter.

Living Blind welcomes everyone in every walk of life, employed or at home, in the city or on the farm, cane users and guide dog handlers, with some usable vision or none at all, and sighted people, too. We're glad you found us!

We will be providing informative articles on various topics about every day living -- from finding a job to what to wear to the interview, from relationships to parenting, from canes to guide dogs! so you might want to visit us often to see what’s new!

Let us know what you like, don't like, what you'd like added or improved. Living Blind will grow with the wisdom and encouragement of its readers.

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