Around the House

All the comforts of home, warm apple pie, steaks fresh from the grill, the smell of newly mown grass… shoes piled up by the front door, toys on the dining room table, breakfast dishes in the sink…It’s really not much different for blind people. Below I share my home with you. I, along with Chasity and Jenny, will tell you about how I manage cooking, cleaning, keeping track of the kids, shopping and everything else that goes along with living!

My Kitchen

I have the typical American kitchen setup, electric stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and a window over the sink. In addition I also have a whole army of smaller appliances, toaster, blender, mixer, coffee pot, snow cone maker, griddle, vegetable steamer, George Foreman grill, waffle iron, crock pot and the list goes on. Most of these I am able to use right off the truck or out of the box, but some I have had to mark with labels that I can feel. Here Jenny talks about how she has managed this task in her home.

Labels and tactile marks I love to experiment with new recipes! I love eating different things, spicy foods and vegetarian dishes. I have cookbooks in Braille. I have also collected recipes from the internet, friends, TV, from the back of packaged foods and from cassette recipe books borrowed from the library. I have found that using Braille on paper or plastic works the best for me for recipes.

Organizing the food is important. It can be really frustrating to open the cabinet only to find that you have no clue what anything is.

chasity shares cooking terms and nonvisual alternatives In cooking with children Jenny talks about how she manages kitchen projects with her step daughters. Also included are two kid friendly recipes you won't want to miss!

Matching Clothes and Laundry

Mostly I enjoy casual clothes, jeans and sweat-shirts, but of course there are times when that just isn't appropriate. I've had jobs where professional dress was required. Keeping all my clothes organized, knowing what colors match with what became a necessity. I always want to look my best, whether it's a trip to the park with the kids or to a fancy dinner with my husband. So I had to learn how to figure out what's what and label and organize my wardrobe.


I love to sew, crochet and make all sorts of craft projects! In sewing tips and techniques, I share some helpful hints for making clothing repairs and small sewing projects. I will share tips on threading a needle, tying a knot in the thread, sewing on a button and patching a pair of jeans.


From a potted plant in the window of your 10th floor apartment, to a large vegetable garden in the country, Sarah shares some inspiration and ideas for getting started with your very own gardening project.


It is really very important to me that my home is visually appealing as well as appealing to me through my other senses. I want my home to have a cozy cottage feel. I have chosen warm soft tones of cream and brown as background colors with accents of dark greens, burgundy, pale yellow and other colors as accents in the various rooms. I also enjoy scented candles, tabletop waterfalls, and three dimensional decorative accent pieces. Check out decorating for ideas for making your house into a home. Hints on coordinating colors, incorporating texture, scent and sound into the décor and more!

Personal Care

In personal care I share Tips on labeling, organizing and administering medications to children. There are also ideas on caring for minor wounds, shaving and much more!

Also check out applying make up for helpful tips on applying make up, choosing colors and more!


There are many things I need to shop for: clothes, groceries, household items, furniture, appliances and too many other things to mention. Depending on what I’m shopping for, there are different places to shop, internet, retail store, second hand store, garage sale etc. There are also different ways I could manage the situation, assistance from a store employee, going with a friend or going it alone. Here are some helpful hints, from Chasity, on getting shopping assistance, making the most of Your time, making sure you get what you want, what questions to ask and more!